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Summer poems
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This page is a collection of poems writen in the last six months...



There’s a chill in the air, coming from under the door

From that room where your no longer in. 

Once so warm, my comfort zone, my heart

Now the frozen icicles dangle in readiness.

The real reason lies beneath the flesh and blood,

Marked on your skeleton bone by my words.

Read them to me, in your honey voice,

Melt the ceiling, let those daggers fall.  



Cherry trees


The cherry trees are in bloom with red roses in snow,

It falls thicker with the moment, outlined against the sky.

Changing wind with changing mood for moonlight.

We sat on that bench, the wooden one over there,

Looking at the stars; you blew smoke, I my hands

Nearly numbed by silent feminine compliance.

But now the sun shines brighter, stronger still,

Melting to muddy water what strives to remain.

Time will wash it, running clear, spring bounding forth.

And your red lips will kiss another, while I look on,

Frozen by the heat wave of mid-summer.



It’s not complicated, its what you want.


You had the choice, and you took the decision,

I’d given it to you, the day we met .

So don’t tell me its complicated when its what you want.

Because I’ll be fine, I’ll be just A. O. K. 

so stop calling, sounding so sweet, so damn edible.

And I promise to be-have, to keep this all secret.

I’ll be a good girl, the one you know, the one you left.



Inside the memory


Its sun shine out side,

Blue sky, flecks of white,

Cold inside without your arms

You as I, join the collection

Of faint warm hearted memories

Those lovers gone from love

I could list them on my fingers,

Their single names and numbers.

I always knew, but never thought,

That one day I to would be your ex.



Why did you do this to me?


You tore my heart out

And put it back again,

For that I have nothing to claim

My insurance was void

Make me remember every moment

Make my throat hurt,

My eyes water in any light,

And worst of all why did you take my mind




We’re nearly done,

Like slow boiled eggs,

Shells cracking in the heat,

White pillows of liquid

Escape from our hearts

Its time for the leaving

From warmth to cold

Out to be eaten. 



…can’t change its spots.

Why did I ever try

Its in his nature

Grabbing brown branches

With his willy hanging out




There’s bodies for the taking,

Honey for the making

You wana be tom waits,

But your too young.

So throw me away,

Grab the green next door,

Close your eyes against the plastic.

Don’t squeeze too hard,

The dream might burst

And then where will you be,

Just one more lone some soul






I have a loss,

Like a button missing

From my favourite coat

I still wear it, everyday

Forgetting I’ve lost

Sad in remembrance. 


Somewhere else.


Some where out there,

The trees are swaying

Gently in the autumn wind

Shedding red leaves

In the golden sun.

But not in this land,

Where single stars shimmer

lonesome in the sky.

He’s likely sound asleep  

eyelashes dusting cheek.

And I’m awake, without him.


The fool


Sorry, so sorry.

I know how the day will start,

Walking into the office

and those words will be uttered

without apology.


Happy birthday you clown,

With holes in your shoes,

Tap dancing to Monty Python,

dressed like Clark Gable,

So sorry without apology


Not interested in sex,

At least not with me,

The ultimate rebuttal

For a part I’d never wanted

Auctioned without consent


My breasts were just too big

judgments screened over your face

Each time I open the door,

Why can’t we just be friends?

But I’ ant human, still straddling

that line, still a bit of a cunt to you.




Man, I wonder what you are?

That guy by the bar,

Or the bloke over there.

Is it the danglingly bit,

or the stubble growth

That defines you?

Does it keep you up at night,

Wondering if its not sexuality,

then physicality or behavourality?






I should hold them inside,

These thoughts I’ve shared.

Little pieces of me,

Little bits of my heart.


I should’ve held them

Tight inside my mind

Instead of setting them free

To fly around their ears.


They heard bits of me,

And now I regret

Not the tantrum

But their hold over me.



Something sweet, something free.


‘I had one of your donuts from yesterday,

a little hard, but the jam was lovely’

Her face is happy, curiously satisfied,

and I turned into the makeshift kitchen

slim fast fading tasting carrot cake.

‘I’ve been a little bit greedy,

just finished the last of your cake’

I can’t meet his eyes, start making tea,

Stubbing out ‘how are you?’

Silently swear at his bubbling stupidity


But shouldn’t complain, -I turned up for work late

And none of my cakes were left.

The fading memory lying on a communal platter.

I should have thought of yesterday

how quickly they gathered it away,

assuming ownership of others belongings.

I feel my generosity slamming into a wall

Knocking my goodness into sweetness

The type that would smile as it stabs

God help these people.


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