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the pre-whineybaby

I cant stand them.


They sit with heaving flesh, so pale and silent that they disturb my concentration.  They are givers of attention and judgment.  In this institution there are too few of them for variance, too few to choose which ones to dislike less than the others. 


I point out that I hate this place, and someone notes that I have people who like me.  I try hard to be liked, but I have no wish to spend my time with people who like me.  Instead give me people who are just on the verge of despising me, who if given half a decade will find me appalling.  These are after all the people who would get to know me, and not the clone they wish to make me into.   


Because they are clones; silent and grey, right out of star wars, the cast offs.  They are the extras from life that this government sends to university at the age of 25.  They have been judged by their sub-pears to be ill fitting into society, and having been spat out forced to rent a room in the white tower till they die.  They wear last years fashion in the hope that this proves they dont care about social roles.  They pick their spots and eat the crusts.  And worst of all they up plug my ear phones when Im out of the room because they cant stand the buzzing noise which they make. 


Have I not accepted them, because they dont accept me?  I could just be an insect, buzzing around them, desiccating them from their important research when I try to suggest that they go into society to study it, instead of recording it from TV.  Their false smiles remind me that with an attitude like this Ill not get far in this game.  But Im not sure its a game worth winning, never mind playing.  Sitting in a turret, with pigeons for friends, its so hard to tell whos playing the fool, and whos playing the king.