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this is still in draft form

X marks the spot.



I read the bold type with womans eyes.  Blue and water-dry they skim over the webpage Hard Fuck.  She was dumb as a fucking brick wall.  Sometimes when you talk to a girl you can just tell that there is nothing going on upstairs.  Can I agree with that?  I look at one of the six pictures, the eyes are brown, darker brown than her skin, Asian eyes.  I wonder if anyone things that of me. 


We let her talk for about 5 mins and then we let the cock do the talking !  Did they believe that they let her as if she had no power?  Was that the deal, money for make belief?  I wonder if the photos shoot split naturally into two parts; a before and after.  The before she had her clothes off, and after she took part of him in to her mouth?  Or did the before start outside the room, a gentle handing over of money, here, honeyjust look passive.  Did the camera only catch these thoughts in both frames, no shout calling for a change of scenery, a smooth striping of her body.    


The pounding we did on her mouth wrecked it for the rest of man kind! P.S. We are NOT sorry !  but defiant.  Defined against the rising tide of feminism that says porn is not women hating, but women loving.  Fighting against the demand of apologies for their action.  They are not new men born out of a social vagina but still stomping kids using their cock to shout out against any woman who has the power over them.  So they used her mouth, desperately trying to silence these words into the back of her throat. 


The image that is left behind my eyes is of a male race desperately clinging to the last remnants of masculine.  Scrolling down the page, an image stands out.  A blond girl this time on her hands and knees.  Her face is in the camera but her eyes are closed.  Two fingers are hooked in her mouth pulling it open.  All thats missing is the cock, which I assume is about to be inserted.  But her image disappears as I click the mouses right button on the little X marked box.